Equity releaseWant to Release Cash to Live Your Life NOW?

You can with Equity Release

You might have heard about equity release schemes already. In short, it’s a way of releasing the money tied up in your home to spend on, well, whatever you like really. Equity release is for people in later life – that’s you if you’re 55 and older – who want to enjoy their financial freedom.

Imagine what you could do if you had money to hand. You could…

  • Buy a camper van and travel the country
  • Go on a round-the-world cruise
  • Help your children onto the housing ladder
  • Support your grandchildren through university
  • Pay off your high street mortgage
  • Enjoy your retirement without watching the pennies
  • Pay off your debts

With equity release, you’ve got lots of options – and I’m here to help you understand what each one is and what’s best for you. I’ll explain the difference between a Lifetime Mortgage and a Home Reversion Scheme and talk you through a Roll-up Interest Mortgage versus an Interest-only Mortgage. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, you won’t hear any technical jargon from me. I’ll make things clear, simple and easy-to-understand.

Not that I’ll be doing all the talking. I want you to talk to me so I can understand your current financial situation as well as your hopes for the future. Listening will help me find the equity release scheme that’s exactly right for you or to advise you on other options if it’s not.

Lifetime mortgages and home reversion schemes are complex products and may not be suitable for everyone. You may lose the ownership of your home with home reversion schemes and have less money to pass on to your family in the event of death. Financial advice should always be sought if you are thinking of releasing equity from your home and you should ideally include your family in your discussions’.

Retired and Need a Mortgage?

An equity release plan is a great option if you want to release some cash. But what if you’re over 60 and need a new mortgage to help you lower your monthly outgoings or to buy a new house? Post-retirement mortgages can be hard to come by and, well, if you’re over 70 you could be looking for a very long time. The good news is I specialise in tracking down mortgages for older borrowers.

Leave it to me and I’ll do all the leg work to find you a mortgage. Not only will I save you time searching, I’ll also put together all the information and explain it in plain language so you know what’s what.

If you’re not sure whether it’s a mortgage or an equity release plan you need, just ask and I’ll be happy to talk you through the options.

This is an equity release product which may be a life time mortgage or homereversion plan. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.

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