MortgagesMatch Your Mortgage to YOU!

Mortgages – they’re everywhere, aren’t they? And while it’s great to have a choice, it can be pretty overwhelming when you’re trying to find exactly the right one for you. For a start, you’ve got to figure out the right type of mortgage for your needs. Are you…

  • a first-time buyer?
  • looking to trade up to a larger property?
  • going down the buy-to-let route?
  • in need of a later life mortgage?

Then there’s all that trawling through High Street lenders and regional building societies, comparing and contrasting deals – and getting a headache into the bargain! No wonder some people end up with the wrong mortgage, which can be a very costly mistake.

Sometimes, finding a mortgage can seem like an impossible task. You might be self-employed and having difficulty tracking down a lender. You could have quite a complicated situation that isn’t covered by a standard mortgage. Or you may be over-55 and tearing your hair out over the lack of mortgages available to older borrowers (if this is you, you might also want talk to me about equity release).

The good news is I love a challenge.  I might find you a mortgage you didn’t even know existed!

Advice without the hard sell

I’ll do more than find you a mortgage. I’ll take the time to get to know you so I can be absolutely clear about what you need, not just now but in the future. And when I track down your perfect mortgage, I’ll break it down into easy-to-digest information to help you make a decision.

There’s no rush. I understand that taking out a mortgage is a huge commitment so I’m never in a hurry for you to sign on the dotted line. In fact, even when you stop asking me questions I’ll still have some for you – I want to make absolutely certain you’re happy with your choice.

Your financial future matters to me.

Call me now on 01582 524654 or contact me for a free initial consultation.